The 2009 Hearts and Dreams Tour

According to the romantic poets, love is a many-splendored thing.
Moreover, a more down-to-earth, born and bred Yorkshire woman,
(My grandmother) used to describe the same emotion, and say to me,
when thas older thall gerra tickle rahnd yer heart and thall nivver be able to scratch it
i used to think this was some form of ailment that I was likely to succumb to, but later in life I realised, that it was something to be welcomed.

She seemed to have a never ending supply of her own quirky sayings and pearls of wisdom; another rather poignant one was “look after someone’s heart and they’ll look after your dreams
Hence “Hearts and Dreams”.

Every once in a while I take a nostalgic and somewhat indulgent look back to my past. It’s the combination of thinking about those times with the fondest of memories, and my grandmother’s whimsical words that inspired this collection

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